In a continuous evaluation perspective needed at the network level, we provide Security Audit services. We have extensive experience in network vulnerability testing, external and internal security diagnostics, both in terms of servers, active equipment for LAN, WAN and even software. The survey and information gathering can be done by physical or remote access to the infrastructure of the company. The purpose is to access the level of security of the infrastructure in a general context, allowing the recommendation of procedures that correct found vulnerabilities. After identifying the levels of availability, reliability and suitability of computer resources and communications needed to your business, we recommend changes considered relevant to the improvement of the analyzed points. The safety assessment respects the principles of Ethical Hacking, namely the realization of a set of non-destructive tests aimed for the detection of vulnerabilities in computer systems.


  • Ability to minimize problems, failures and security vulnerabilities
  • Reduction of loss of productivity risks
  • Mitigating the risk of loss of integrity and confidentiality
  • Certification assignment whether or safety seal