Today’s business environment is much more complex than in the past. With government requirements and standards for a variety of areas, companies need a plan to ensure that your business will prevail – regardless of the circumstances, whether it is natural disasters, terrorism or something simpler, like a software which crashed due to a computer virus. The inaccessibility to your information, and therefore the business, quickly translates into loss of turnover, low productivity, dissatisfaction on the part of its customers, and in some cases, serious data loss. With a good plan for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery you can easily anticipate and respond with confidence to face unexpected.


Plans for Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity determine how your company will continue to operate during a disruptive event, until the normal operation is restored, guaranteeing the maximum availability of the IT environment and access to your information. We specialize in the design of these plans. Following the training received and the guidelines from DRI – Disaster Recovery Institute – we guarantee the experience that allows helping you implement and select the best solution for your company. Our vast experience of diagnosis, coupled with the technical implementation capacity will allow to create the ideal situation for your company. We will help choose the solutions, monitoring, help in developing the plan, test it, support and help to create an appropriate strategy to your business area.