We offer a flexible portfolio of monitoring and management adapted to the identified needs of your company, to complement the IT services existing or in order to take full operational responsibility. The operation includes reports and regular meetings of service management, SLA monitoring, implementing improvement program and continuous monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure. We give you online access to information in real time, with performance indicators and reports on computer facilities and incidents.


For us, whether it’s a large company or an SMB, security is an imperative feature, and as such, the solutions we provide are technologically advanced. Through a set of tools and solutions we can ensure maximum safety to the highest standards and levels of certification for any type of network topology. We leverage the creation of mobile work stations, file sharing and interconnection of databases throughout and anywhere where your employees need to be in a fast, simple and safe way.


We specialize in IP Telephony, having years of experience in solutions of various manufacturers, excellence in technical, maintenance, network and telecommunications services required in the implementation process of such solutions.


Systems architecture is considered all non-physical technological infrastructure of a company – typically operating systems and applications – and must be carefully structured, considering the operating cycle and development opportunities. The main objective is to maintain technology, aligned with the business goals of your company, ensuring the effectiveness and quality of the processes. We have professionals with extensive experience in systems capable of offering specific solutions and high-level advice in all phases of the business, evaluating the technological maturity of the company, identifying architectural flaws and evolving existing operating models, in addition to guiding the adoption models and technologies best suited to the needs of your company.