Simplify and automate the tasks associated with security management operations, including configuration, monitoring, analysis and response. By centralizing all aspects of configuration and monitoring of firewalls, VPN and IPS, from small networks with few equipment to large corporate networks, security monitoring decreases the occurrence and increases the false positive screening, to provide visualization of the network point by point, increasing the speed of response and the service effectiveness. We have experience in design, implementation and maintenance of safety systems in critical sectors such as Banking and Insurance. We highlight the integration of VPN SSL or IPsec, IPS, Firewalls, as well as biometrics, tokens, data protection, backup and storage. The procedures to investigate and improve the security level can pass by:

  • Verification procedures and security policies
  • System Penetration Testing
  • Detection Service vulnerabilities and unprotected access points
  • Attacks characterization in protocols network, transport and application
  • Patch advice and bug fixes
  • Objective recommendations for optimization of network security


  • Encryption implementation possibility
  • Ability of users and equipment authentication management
  • Possibility of implementing virtual private networks over the Internet, allowing cost savings from great distances
  • Preventive Monitoring and attacks exploiting vulnerabilities
  • Maintain the integrity and confidentiality of information
  • Security implementation for external and internal access
  • Implementation of security policies to meet the various international standards
  • Containment possibility of internal and external security attacks
  • Drastic reduction of security risks and vulnerabilities