We have extensive experience, with some projects considered case studies in this area, and the highest certification level regarding networks.

Whether structured through UTP cable, fiber optic, satellite, frame relay, or even other legacy technologies, we are able to optimize your network and WAN telecommunications. With our Design, Implementation and integration of high-speed networks present in critical processes of large corporations or SMEs, we can deliver from scratch a data, voice and video communications infrastructure, analyze an existing network, according to your current and future needs, through the pre-analysis of points of failure, bottlenecks, scalability for anticipated growth, pre-condition for migration or implementation of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity .

Combined with the clear vision we have of the network structure, it enables improvements in the quality of information produced, security, as well as savings in time and effort, error reduction, and ultimately costs of managing your network.


Additional Advantages:

  • Network Signalling and Traffic Standardization
  • Ability to have multiple services running in parallel
  • Possibility of implementing IP VPN
  • Implementation, identification and characterization of Quality of Service to use
  • Wireless implementation, VoIP and other services “in a box”
  • Possibility of internet access for guests
  • Mobility
  • Implementation of virtual networks with different types of features
  • Implementation of realtime security
  • User authentication available in realtime (802.1x)
  • Exclusion of unauthenticated users in realtime
  • Network congestion elimination
  • Network Performance Improvement