The Internet is the greatest means of communications that exists, with a growth of 1 million new users per month. We are part of it, proud of it, and we are sure to have the best solution for your company or organization.

In partnership with National and International Operators, with the support of our and their existing infrastructure, we guarantee the best performance and quality for Internet access, regardless of where you or your business partner are located.

As an independent provider, focusing on service quality and customer satisfaction, besides profiling of the needs of your company, we provide network management services and bandwidths depending on your immediate and future requirements.

We’ll suplly the access so you can get the most out of the Internet and web platforms, with maximum performance, robustness and reliability.


The point-to-point solutions, whether it’s dedicated fiber, wireless or even VSAT, provide a dedicated access ensuring the reliability, flexibility and performance.

This solution may be of “key-in-hand”, where in addition to the point-to-point access service, is included the provision of terminal equipment (routers, modems, antennas, etc.) suitable for the planned functionality and as an additional feature, Operation, Maintenance and Management, associated with the entire solution or as part of it.


The growth of computer networks, in number of users, services and applications, lead to the evolution of a multiservice platform capable of meeting the secure communication needs, with bandwidth of excellence, and above all, flexibility.

MPLS ( Multiprotocol Label Switching ) was developed with the ability to deploy multiple network services over a shared infrastructure, enabling rapid availability of services and network growth.

Our VPN / MPLS solution is suitable for your growth requirements:

  • Available in Layer2 or Layer3;
  • Traffic is completely isolated by a unique ID to your company or organization;
  • We can attribute unprecedented Quality-of-Service and prioritize traffic.


Security is the first and most important function of the VPN ( Virtual Private Network ).

Since the private information is transmitted over public networks such as the Internet – an insecure transmission medium – this should be protected so as not to allow it to be intercepted or modified.

Our implementations VPN are in accordance with the highest safety standards, with all the advantages of a cost-of-use from the hiring of dedicated circuits.

With this solution, your company network can be extended to virtually any point in the world, fast, systematic and safelly.


We have an offer of corporate communications services supported by dedicated wireless circuits with high speed connections and high availability, based on Wimax and WiFi technologies.

Through this service is possible, in addition to Internet access via our backbone, to interconnect multiple locations of your business, business partners, and even clients, on a LAN-to-LAN or Extended LAN architecture.

This solution enables the implementation of private networks geographically dispersed within a very short timeline.


VSAT endpoints ( very-small-aperture terminal ) are increasingly required for being easy to implement, for mobility and for being almost independent of their geographical location.

In remote locations where there are no other types of access in terms of telecommunications, this technology allows a reliable interconnection and versatile to your company or network, by installing a satellite dish and radio equipment at the desired location. Thus a remote station is created that instantly allows the interconnection of our Terran or Backbone station.

The VSAT circuit is used for different vertical markets, for different applications, such as:

  • Banking Services
  • Retail Services
  • Industry
  • Online Services
  • Telemetry e Monitoring

In places where there is no horizon line, or where the fixed or mobile networks do not offer quality, satellite links have a high reliability.

The speed of installation and configuration without the need for physical infrastructure enables quality of service with integration of data, voice and video.

Whether temporary or permanent facilities, VSAT solution connects quickly and conveniently at national, continental or intercontinental.


M.I.O is an old idea, and we transformed it into a “key-in-hand” fully automated solution, for your company or organization to have Internet access always available, regardless of physical location, since it is within the coverage area the satellite.

This is a modular solution, ideal if you need to have teams constantly on the ground.

Your mobile office will be setup based on:

  • VSAT telecommunications equipment with automatic adjustment
  • Wireless access for users
  • Internet connection

You may also choose to implement micro-servers, Wireless high output antennas, or even military category antennas.

You may choose to provide the vehicles for the implementation of the solution, or acquire them through our dealer partners.

There is a plethora of choices. Contact us for more information.