SIP protocol is native over IP technology, with guaranteed quality of voice and the possibility of integration with various services such as IVR, for global voice solutions.

Our SIP solution is geared towards customers with communication needs through IP PBXs, seeking quality of service, availability, flexibility and competitive financial conditions.

We provide the service with pre-tested equipment, configurations to ensure full interoperability and ensure the full operation of the solution.


The IP Telephony Service allows you to extend media services to all employees, whether they are in the company HQ, branch offices, working remotely or roaming. Our IP telephony solutions add voice, video, data and mobility in fixed or wireless networks, so users easily communicate in any workspace using any device or operating system. This solution, in addition to traditional phones can be implemented on smartphones and switches.

Note that the implementation of IP telephony reduces communications costs in companies and increases mobility and cooperation among employees.


Video conferencing systems provide a way of face communication in a business world increasingly dispersed geographically.

The investment in this solution has its own guaranteed return in a very short time, as there will be exponential savings with traveling, accommodation, weather, and many others, which are minimized by the use of videoconferencing.

We have a number of solutions based on the best suppliers, completely adaptable to the needs, size and geographical dispersion of your business.


Streaming solutions are widely used in events and advertising campaigns of the various segments of business enterprises.

Through our unique, high performance infrastructure based on the latest generation of server clusters, we offer streaming services – streaming of video and audio over the network.

The availability of this infrastructure is provided by dedicated hardware, compression algorithms and the full redundancy of the solution. All this to always ensure the highest transmission quality to any number of users.