We are a company specializing in telecommunications, networking and computer security, which has human resources and features which allow to have a offer of unique services in the market.

We have employees with over 18 years of experience in IP networking and telecommunications, and have a vast knowledge in the implementation, network design and its safety.

We have financial, technical independence and autonomy from other operators and companies present in the market.

We have the necessary conditions to work simultaneously with several operators, integrators, hardware manufacturers and software developers without the restrictions imposed by exclusive relationships.

Our client portfolio includes strategic enterprises in Telecom, Financial, Public Sector, in Mozambican, Angolan and Portuguese markets.

Our MISSION ? To develop and build strategic, long-term partnerships with our customers and together with their business vision and our technological know-how, find optimal solutions to their needs, with quality and efficiency.


We are a supplier of knowledge and technology, which allows us to offer our customers a broad catalog of solutions and services oriented towards the implementation and optimization of a whole telecommunications and computer infrastructure with maximum security and efficency .

Our goal is to achieve an optimal solution,  unique  for our customers.

Did you know we work with some of the most recognized PARTNERS internationally?



Aware of our position in society, we integrate ourselves in the spirit of social responsibility and nurture the participation of our employees in the communities in which they operate.
Our social responsibility is reflected not only in the commitments we have made, but also in the way our policies are managed and likewise the impact on operations we conduct.


This is not an innovative situation in the market, but it is certainly rare. As we are in the vanguard of telecommunications technology and services, we also want to see other areas of the market to evolve towards the peak of technology, research and development.
Therefore, we assume the role of sponsor, and we commit ourselves annually to promote a contest in order to choose one area of innovation, scientific discovery and research, considered preponderant to fulfill a certain goal.

The winner will be awarded a grant calculated on a percentage of the value of EBT income up to a maximum of 4% for continuing research and / or development.

The areas can be vast – Medicine, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, etc. – provided they are within the standards of science and scientific, environmental and human interest.


Climate change are of general concern. Individually there is no way to solve this problem, but there are ways to contribute to the improvement of environmental quality.

In this sense we commit ourselves to donate up to 1% of our annual net income for nonprofit Social Welfare Institutions and Environmental Causes. Choices will be made based on the monitoring of the media, or in very specific cases, recommended institutions.